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Unsuitable Series, Chapter Index


Author: Emmie { burntotears }
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Characters: Arthur Pendragon, Gaius, Gawain, Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin, Mordred, Morgana, Morgause, Uther Pendragon
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: © BBC
Word Count: 57,923
Spoilers: All aired episodes from Series 1 & 2.
Summary: Merlin and Arthur have never felt so close or so far from one another. Trials of heart, character and mind will bring about sorrow to all those who are involved. Most importantly, Merlin will find out just what it takes to make a person truly good and Arthur will know what it means to be torn between a love of a father, a love of a friend, and a love of a kingdom.

PART ONE: Equitably { PG, 3567 words }
Merlin has not taken the time to dwell on all the things that have plagued Camelot and his role in them. He takes to sulking about and Arthur tries his best to be a friend to Merlin whilst also digging for the truth about Merlin's gift with magic.
PART TWO: Ardently { PG-13, 8511 words }
Merlin becomes mortified when the true weight of his recent decisions grapples at his heart. He finally allows himself to become lost within his own desolation, but Arthur will not leave him to suffer on his own.
PART THREE: Tangibly { NC-17, 7291 words }
Arthur and Merlin's relationship becomes strained after previous endeavours. They are both trying to make sense of the feelings they have but growing too close just might break them.
PART FOUR: Abrasively { R, 10,590 words }
Arthur and Merlin both feel the anguish of their failing friendship, but neither can seem to right their capsizing relationship. They will both prove, however, that in times of great need they cannot leave each other to deal on his own.
PART FIVE: Intricately { PG-13, 10,653 words }
The secret's out, but Arthur and Merlin will feel no alleviation as they are caught up in a magical illusion of a sorceress's making. In a true test of character, the men will have to fight for each other or fight against one another.
PART SIX: Cohesively { NC-17, 8751 words }
With the past finally laid bare between them, Merlin and Arthur escape Morgause's illusion to find that the attack on Camelot by the magical realm has only just begun. Despite their attempts to prevent it, the men find that war is now the only foreseeable option.
PART SEVEN: Suitably { R, 8301 words }
The time for fighting has arrived and Merlin, Arthur and all of Camelot must fight against Morgause if they have any hope of restoring the balance between Albion and Avalon once more.
OUTTAKES: Jocularly { R, words }
You can't have a good series without an awesome reel of outtakes!

{ Read Unsuitable as ONE FILE ON AO3. }

  • The wonderful, amazing, talented and lovely sparksflyout made the story poster for me. I am entirely enamoured and in love with it. It's just beautiful--I cannot swoon over it enough!
  • I was inspired to write this story after reading the miraculous Easy There AU fic written by the equally amazing syllic. That being said, this work has absolutely no parallels to that story, but touched me deeply and fueled my writing fires. Go read it, now!
  • The lovely sparksflyout made a fantastic fan video with the song "I'd Come For You" by Nickelback that helped set the mood for Part One.
  • Another amazing fan video, this time by the wonderful katelynnlynn using the song "Invisible" by Taylor Swift, which was a mood enhancer for Part Two.
  • A wonderful fanmix was created by orangelusik, which provided much of the music for Part Three.
  • Part Five was the important turning point between Merlin and Arthur and I found myself repeatedly listening to "Everything" by Lifehouse. This fan video by ashdoode gave me the strength I needed to keep writing through their pain.

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