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Emmie's fanfiction archive

You can also read all my fiction on { Archive of Our Own } and { Skyehawke }

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{ Lord of the Rings (RPF) | Merlin | Merlin (RPF) | Supernatural | Teen Wolf | Teen Wolf (RPF) | X-Men (Movies) }

No Such Thing as Fate Allison/Stiles - Codependency, Allison/Scott, Stiles/Issac or Stiles/Derek { PG-13, 10,262 words to date }
   After their families are killed by supernatural entities, Stiles and Allison become a team of hunters, following the leads of any bizarre murders in an attempt    to bring the families justice and peace as well as trying to find their own closure. Their trail eventually leads them to Beacon Hills where a series of bizarre    animal attacks has the sheriff’s department baffled and the local werewolf pack struggling to protect their town. With Stiles and Allison’s arrival in Beacon    Hills the animal attacks escalate. Allison and Stiles investigate the crime scenes and run across two members of the Hale pack doing the same, Derek and    Laura, who have been concerned about the deaths in the town and the scrutiny they bring with it. The four agree to join forces along with other members    of the Hale pack, Erica, Isaac, and Boyd, in order stop whatever is killing the townspeople.
(i've got a feeling) we will never get closer than this Derek/Stiles { PG-13, words to date } { Spoilers: S2 }
   Nine months after Gerard’s disappearance sees an influx of packs in Beacon Hills, and while Derek is still the Alpha, the threat of the Alpha pack is what    drives his pack and the other packs (whether they be human or hunter) to work toward the common goal of keeping the town safe from their clutches. But    will they remain safe from those who are still lurking within their numbers? And how do you prepare for an enemy that you can't even find? While Derek    works diligently to wrestle his pack into the cohesive unit it needs to be to survive against the threats of the Alpha pack and Gerard, he finds that he is    permitting himself to do the thing he said he would never allow after Kate - he’s beginning to trust. And that trust is developing into a love larger than    anything he's ever known. But Stiles, who wants nothing more than to mother the werewolf pack and learn all that he possibly can so that he might help all    of the packs, is really not interested in that kind of relationship with Derek...
Take Me, Don't Leave Me Isaac/Stiles { NC-17, 7103 words }
   Wherein there is a huge angsty feels argument, comforting, and then make-up sex. Probably in that order.
You’re the Imbalance of My Equation Isaac/Stiles { R, 4363 words }
   Stiles is given detention from Mr. Harris again, but for some reason Isaac decides to purposely get himself in trouble so that he will be assigned detention    alongside Stiles. Feels and tension rampantly ensue.
Raise the Stakes Isaac/Stiles { R, 2523 words }
   Derek wants Isaac to stake out Jackson to make certain he doesn't wolf out and reveal anything to anyone; Stiles wants to be involved in a stake out.    There's sexual tension and dorkiness because - well it's Stisaac.
Questioning Smiles Danny/Isaac { G, 717 words }
   Danny gets mad at Jackson and storms out of his house, then runs into Isaac while walking around the neighborhood.
Shelter Me Isaac/Scott { G, 669 words }
   Isaac and Scott walk in the woods and talk about recent events.
I'm Coming Over Tonight Derek/Stiles { NC-17, 3496 words }
   Derek comes to Stiles' house with every intention of having sex but Stiles' dad is home and Stiles is not okay with that idea what-so-ever. But Derek has    very convincing arguments...
what fades, what stays Derek/Stiles { R, 6802 words } { Spoilers: S2 }
   Derek and Stiles' relationship is sucking the life out of them and they know that they cannot continue down this path without wrecking one another. But    even when they agree to end things, will they stay out of each other's way when Gerard is threatening the other's life?
The Redolence of Stiles Stilinski Derek/Stiles { NC-17, 6006 words } { Spoilers: S2 }
   Stiles has contiguous werewolf scenting abilities that draw Derek to him for more than just curiosity.
Be the Overflow Derek/Stiles { PG, 2383 words } { Spoilers: S2 }
   Derek and Stiles are captured by Peter and forced to spend time in one another's company once again as they attempt to escape. This time information    and feelings come out that neither were really expecting.

Always a Good Time Dylan/Tyler { R, 5406 words }
   The Teen Wolf cast flies out to Atlanta for Dylan's birthday, but Hoechlin hasn't said a word to Dylan the entire day and when they arrive he barely looks or    speaks to Dylan and the birthday angsting ensues.
Call Me Maybe Dylan/Tyler { PG-13, 4542 words }
   Hoechlin sees the video of Dylan dancing on the set of "The Internship" and realizes how much he misses him. A lot of texting and phone conversations    ensue, along with some very awkward revelations.

Unsuitable Series Merlin/Arthur { NC-17, 57,923 words } { Spoilers: S1&S2 }
   Merlin and Arthur have never felt so close or so far from one another. Trials of heart, character and mind will bring about sorrow to all those who are    involved. Most importantly, Merlin will find out just what it takes to make a person truly good and Arthur will know what it means to be torn between a love    of a father, a love of a friend, and a love of a kingdom.
From Your Mouth Into Mine Merlin/Arthur { NC-17, 4470 words }
   Camelot is celebrating Beltane and Arthur decides that he wants Merlin to celebrate with him in private.
Set Against the Sky Merlin/Arthur { PG, 4482 words }
   Arthur and Merlin form a deeper bond than friendship, but when Merlin reveals his magic, will Arthur be able to forgive Merlin of his secrecy?
Set Yourself on Fire Merlin/Arthur { NC-17, AU, 5714 words }
   Arthur happens upon Merlin after seven years and he's completely enchanted by him.
Nothing to Say Merlin/Arthur { PG, 595 words }
   Ficlet inspired by a lovely piece of art.
four days, three weeks, five months, two years Merlin/Arthur { R, AU, 7375 words }
   A fluffy look at a modern Merlin/Arthur relationship from Arthur's point of view.
two years, five months, three weeks, four days Merlin/Arthur { R, AU, 6898 words }
   A fluffy look at a modern Merlin/Arthur relationship from Merlin's point of view.
Angel Soft Merlin/Arthur { PG, AU, 1266 words }
   Arthur really likes to get Merlin in trouble. Merlin really likes to shag Arthur.

All of Their Parts Bradley/Colin { NC-17, 4431 words }
   Bradley is self conscious about everything he does or says around Colin and Colin tries to be patient and show Bradley that all he needs to be is himself.
Some of His Parts Bradley/Colin { NC-17, 3082 words }
   Bradley has some trouble with a scene and Colin is there to help him.

Hotter Than Hell Dean/Castiel { R, 8434 words } { Spoilers: S4&S5 }
   A look at the past year that Dean has known Castiel from a hunter's perspective.

Puck is Really That Fucking Pimp Rachel/Puck { PG-13, 1771 words } { Spoilers: Through Sectionals }
   Ten song-inspired drabbles.
'Sup GILF? Rachel/Puck { NC-17, 3580 words } { Spoilers: Through Sectionals }
   There is a reason Puck has age constraints on his clients.
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Rachel/Puck { R, 3973 words } { Spoilers: Through Sectionals }
   Puck would not normally admit it, but he was a jealous ass.
Half of My Heart Rachel/Puck { R, 4472 words } { Spoilers: Through Sectionals }
   Puck has to deal with the aftermath of the incidents in Sectionals.

Hunting for Answers Eragon/Murtagh { R, 1572 words } { Spoilers: First Book }
   When Murtagh and Eragon are left 'alone' inside the Varden's fortress, questions will be raised that might not have favorable answers.

Finished Making Sense Eric/Vince { R, 600 words } { Spoilers: S4 }
   Vince realizes how much he can't do without Eric around.

Assignation at Sunset Jack/Ennis { PG, 499 words } { Spoilers: Whole Story }
   Some small descriptions of Jack and Ennis.

Suffocate Bobby/John { PG-13, 3201 words } { Spoilers: X2 }
   John leaves and Bobby doesn't understand.

Living in the Silence Joan/Adam { PG, 8497 words } { Spoilers: S1 }
   Joan's between school years and dealing with her "problem."
Falling is not Failing Joan { PG, 1483 words }
   Joan gets another lesson and still wants to pummel God in the face.

Black Sunday Dominic/Elijah { PG, 1262 words }
   Elijah hates Sundays.
Cops and Robbers Dominic/Elijah/Orlando { PG-13, 2441 words }
   They play the game.

Doubting Today Ron/Seamus { R, 4295 words }
   Ron finds out things about himself that he never knew.
On the Contrary Remus/Sirius { PG-13, 5152 words }
   Remus has the secret and Sirius digs it out of him.
Worry Be Gone Remus/Sirius { R, 300 words }
   Remus talks and Sirius shuts him up.
Shining Lily/Remus { PG, 1131 words }
   Remus gives a mysterious gift to Lily.
The Treehouse Affair Whomping Willow/Shrieking Shack { PG, 2225 words }
    It's nothing like you've ever read before.
The Malfoy Charm Ron/Draco { R, 284 words }
   Ron is dumbfounded.
Beyond Words Ron/Draco { PG-13, 725 words }
    Draco speaks his mind.
The Other Side Ron/Draco { R, 1512 words }
    Ron finds himself on the other side of things.
Blind Harry/Draco { R, 1699 words }
    Harry's been blinded by love.
Hair Harry/Draco { NC-17, 1906 words }
    Harry's found a new fetish in his life.
Platonic Harry/Draco { R, 1340 words }
    Draco and Harry have a platonic relationship.
Retain, Relinquish Harry/Draco { R, 921 words }
    Harry's killed Voldemort, but what happens now?
Love Letters Harry/Draco { PG-13, 661 words }
    Harry's getting love letters from a mysterious person.
Puppets Harry/Draco/Ron { PG-13, 531 words }
    Harry and Draco are being controlled like puppets.
Charcoal Emotions Harry/Draco { R, 1656 words }
   Draco's gone to the point of no return.

Wondering Pierre/David { Simple Plan, R, 2522 words }
   David has had enough of Pierre's bullshit.
3am Ashley/Erik { O-Town, PG, AU, 839 words }
   Ashley is different and Erik understands.
Two Beds and a Coffee Machine Lance/Chris { *NSYNC, R, 903 words } { Warnings: Darkfic }
   Lance is going to leave Chris this time.
Take Out Lance/Chris { *NSYNC, PG-13, 1440 words } { Warnings: Crackfic }
   Boys get take out and act like fools.
Shackled Justin/Lance { *NSYNC, R, 1828 words } { Warnings: Death, Darkfic }
   Lance is shackled to Justin.
Please Remember Justin/Chris { *NSYNC, R, 1898 words } { Warnings: Songfic, Death }
   The guys look at the lives they have.
Change of Hearts Justin/Chris { *NSYNC, R, 1655 words }
   Where in: it’s Christmas, Chris eats a pecan pie, and someone begins to feel differently about two people.


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Mar. 17th, 2010 03:12 am (UTC)
Holy shit you've written a lot. I didn't realize how prolific you were. I have added this to memories so I can come and enjoy all the awesome when I have things back up and running! I'm suffering from awesome-fic withdrawal. <3
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