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Change of Hearts

Title: Change of Hearts
Author: burntotears
Fandom: Bandslash (*NSYNC)
Pairing: Justin/Chris
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1655
Disclaimer: I don't own people.

“This is great Britney, this album is gonna do great,” Justin told her.

“Well thanks Ju, I sure hope so. Of course, I’ll never make the sales you guys get,” Britney replied modestly.

“What’s up, younglings?” Chris said draping his arms on the former MMC members.

“Nothing much, just talking about Brit’s album,” Justin told him.

“Speaking of which, I want some of that Bombastic Love, you kept gushing about!” Chris whispered loudly in her ear.

“Are you macking on my girl, Chris?” Justin asked setting his drink down and preparing to tackle him.

“I just might be, whatcha gonna do about it little one?”

“I’m taller than you old man!” Justin took the opportunity to jump on the older member and start tickling him.

Only time will tell, Britney told herself.


“Hey Lance, where’s Chris?” Justin asked. It was only a month and a half until Christmas and Justin was already in the spirit. He had been humming “The Twelve Days of Christmas” all day.

“Went out with… you know, I don’t know who, but he went out, that’s all I know.” Lance replied.

“Hello?” Chris answered his cell as it rang. He had just dropped JC off at… some place to have a meeting with… someone, before he took Busta to the vet.

“Hey Chris,” Justin said.

“Sup man?”

“I need to know what you did with the dates for all the Christmas stuff we are doing.”

“Oh, I think I left it in my room,” Chris thought for a second, “No wait. Joey took the paper with him. He had it last.”

Okay, thanks.”

“No problem dude.” Chris said hanging up.

Chris looked at his caller id as the phone rang again. Same number.

“Sup Jup?” Chris said laughing at his own antics.


“Justin? Is that you?”

Justin coughed, “Yeah, it’s me. I… I don’t know.”

“Don’t know what?” Chris asked confused.

“Why I called you again.”


“Justin!” Joey rang through the hallways.

“What do you want Joey?”

“First I want to know what’s up your ass, and then I want to know if you want to go clubbing with us?” Joey asked.

“Nothing. No.”

“Fine you little punk.” Joey ran out to catch up with the others.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” Justin screamed and threw his glass still full of water at the wall. Now he’d have to clean that up later.


“Hey Stinky.” Britney said and kissed Justin forehead and lay down next to him.

“Hey Pinky.” Justin said and sighed.

“What’s the matter, Justin?” Britney asked, propping herself up on one elbow.

“I’m really not sure Britney; I just don’t know. Something is going on with me and I can’t quite figure it out.”

Yep, it’s already begun. Britney smiled to herself.


“Whatcha up to Curly?” Chris asked plopping down next to Justin as he wrote.

Justin grew an unbelievable shade of red and hid what he was writing.

“Nothing really.” Justin tried to be convincing.

“Writing something for Brit?”

“Far from it,” Justin mumbled closing the book and setting it down.


“Nothing.” Justin said and looked at Chris to see he was studying him with serious eyes.

“What’s wrong, Justin? And don’t lie to me, I’m not stupid like you people tend to think I am. Something is wrong with you, you’ve been acting different. Britney has noticed it too.”

“I… I… I just don’t know, Chris. Something is going… not as planned I guess. Something is different and I can’t figure it out or understand why.” Justin tried to explain.

“Well if you ever need to talk about something, I’m here for you. You know that right?” Chris asked.

More than you know “Yeah, I know. Thanks Chris,” Justin said hugging him. Big mistake, Justin thought and sighed.

“You sure you don’t know?” Chris said pushing him back so he could see the younger man’s eyes.

Justin could only nod.


“And then Fi said that the guy behind the register was hitting on me, and he heard her. I was like, Fi, he’s not… Justin?”

Justin was looking at some strange picture on the wall of the restaurant. It was abstract art or something and for some strange reason, he kept seeing Chris’ face in it.

“Justin, you aren’t even listening to me.”

It was a very interesting painting. He could see Chris smiling, and Chris pouting, and Chris laughing and Chris crying…

“Justin!” Britney screamed and Justin jumped and soon found himself on the floor, his chair knocked over.

Britney stood up and looked down at him, “You certainly are enjoying that painting. Want me to ask it out for you?”

“Britney, I…” Justin tried as he stood up.

“No need to explain,” Britney tried to be serious but ended up laughing.


Justin looked at the book he had been filling up lately. It was a song book. All the songs sucked ass, and they were retarded besides.

And they all had nothing to do with Britney and everything to do with Chris.


“Okay, I’ve tried and Chris has tried. Now sit your little ass down and tell me what the fuck is wrong with you,” Britney pushed Justin into a sitting position on the bed.

Justin had to admit he was scared of her right then. Then he remembered something he had noticed. “Britney, you haven’t kissed me in a while. Like a real kiss.”

“Well I…”

“And I don’t really blame you with the way I’ve been acting lately. I guess… I guess I need to tell you something…” Justin began.

“Well it’s about time!” Britney threw her hands up.

“What?” Now Justin was confused.

“Just spare me the inevitable speech, okay?”

“What do you mean? You know?” Justin asked, baffled.

“Do the words “obvious” and “love sick puppy” mean anything to you?”

“It’s obvious?”

Britney’s face turned from sarcastic to serious. “Look Justin. I’ve known you liked Chris since I can remember. You didn’t know, but I knew you would figure it out sometime. I know you love me, and I love you, but not in the way that you love Chris. I know how you feel and I’m definitely not going to be heartbroken or anything. I’m fine. That’s why I haven’t kissed you lately, because I know what’s there and I knew you had figured it out and I didn’t want to mess with that.”

“So, you are okay with this?” Justin looked a bit puzzled. He just dropped his girlfriend for his best guy friend. Shouldn’t she be a little mad?

“Yes, I’m okay. Besides, me and Lance…”

Justin shot up. “You and Lance what?” Justin asked sternly.

“Oh stop it Justin, I think you have just lost your roll as the jealous boyfriend.”

“You and Lance are together?”

“Not together… yet. We have just been building something up and we… well I was waiting for you to figure it out so we could try to have something together.” Britney explained slowly.

“Well, I guess I’m happy for you. At least I didn’t just throw you out on the curb our something. At least you have someone to go to. And Lance, he’s a great guy. Couldn’t have picked anyone better myself.”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, Jup, it’s going to be fine. I’ll be fine and you’ll be fine.”

“I don’t know, Brit. I mean, I have to tell him that I’m in love with him, right before Christmas and I just… I don’t know how he’ll take it.”

“I guess you’ll just have to do it and see.” Britney said patting him on the shoulder.


Justin hadn’t gotten the courage to tell Chris and seeing how happy Britney and Lance were together wasn’t helping. He wanted that, but he was too chicken shit to go after it.

And of course he had to explain to the guys why Lance and Britney were now together. Or in other terms, he had to “come out” to them.

Joey pestered Justin about if he had ever had a crush on him.

Every thing was actually a little more normal now. Justin wasn’t in such bad moods, and everyone knew what was wrong with him, or at least part of it.

Now Justin had one mission left and he was finding it impossible. “Mission impossible,” Justin muttered to himself.

“What’s that Ju? You want to watch “Mission Impossible?” How about two, it’s better than one,” Chris said bouncing up and down.

“Sure Chris, if you want to.” Justin said from his spot on the couch.

Chris popped the DVD in and sat at the other end of the couch; farthest away from Justin.

Wow, I feel special. He can’t even sit by me, and Britney expects me to tell him I’m in love with him?

“Come on, lay down,” Chris patted his lap.

“What?” Justin said baffled.

“I said lay down, are you deaf? Here’s a pillow, now lay down,” Chris put a pillow in his lap and pulled Justin till he had his head in Chris’ lap and was stretched fully out on the couch.

“See? Isn’t that better?” Chris said and started to stroke Justin’s newly growing hair.

Justin nodded to the best of his ability, knowing fully well where the friction of his head was rubbing against.


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