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Cops and Robbers

Title: Cops and Robbers
Fandom: Lord of the Rings (RPF)
Pairing: Dominic/Elijah/Orlando
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters and I don't really know if they are gay but I do know this story isn't true.
Story Notes: Because they said once that they played Cops and Robbers in the woods and this is where that idea takes me. Scary, yes.
Author's Note: For Leann and Mary, forever Tripets.

I'm not exactly sure whose idea it was, really.

All I know is that here we are in a vehicle driving out to some forest on the outskirts of LA.

Orlando Bloom sits in the passenger seat in front of me. He's staring out the side window, chin resting in his right hand. He looks like he is either bored stiff or just plain tired. I think it's neither. He's like that sometimes, very hard to read.

Elijah Wood sits in the driver's seat attentively watching the road in front of him. Sometimes it seems like he doesn't even know his own car, much less how to drive the bloody thing. Tonight isn't that bad though. He seems to be able to stay in between the yellow and white lines, so that's always a good sign.

He looks up into the rearview mirror and sees me staring. "Are you alright, Dom?" He asks, genuinely worried, though it comes across as more annoyed to me.

"I'm fine, Lij," I tell him a bit snippy, and he retreats as if I had slapped him. Maybe I had, which makes me feel like a bastard so I quickly add, "Sorry."

He says nothing and we continue driving. I have my hands folded in my lap, twisting them together ever so often as if I was nervous. I can't find any reason for me to be nervous other than the fact that we haven't seen each other for five months and we were headed for a forest to play a childhood game of 'cops and robbers' of all things.

I'm not exactly sure whose idea it was, really. I think in our tentative state of new arrivals (since Orli and I had only just arrived at Elijah's hours before), we were looking for any way to relieve the odd feel of the air, so this just happened to be the first thing to pop into our minds.

Now it's been a while since I've played Cops and Robbers (okay, try since I was maybe 8 years old or so), so I'm a little fuzzy on the rules. I remember it's a bit like hide and seek, though. I wonder if Lij and Orli even remember how to play.

Then a totally random thought pops into my mind, not actually that random since I've thought about it before, but it did come out of no where. Sometimes I do wonder though, if we are actually friends and not just visitors out of habit. I know we were friends once, but it's been 2 years since Return of the King was released and we all have gone our separate ways.

So I wonder if Lij didn't just invite us to stay with him because he believed that he had to. He's a great guy, but even I can't decide if I actually meet up with the cast for the friendliness of it or for the publicity of it.

I look back and forth between Elijah and Orli and all my worries vanish. Even if we aren't as good of friends now, deep down, the feelings are still there and whenever we get together our bonds get tighter.

Orlando looks at Elijah and Elijah looks at him and they smile sheepishly at each other. I always wondered if they had ever kissed. I, being the drunk hobbit many-a-time, had kissed both Elijah and Orlando, though it had never gone farther than a drunk, sloppy once over, nor did it develop into anything more emotionally.

I don't think they have kissed. Elijah is very clingy. Orlando is very needy. If they ever kissed each other they would never be able to just leave it at that. They would be much too nervous around each other all the time, as well. No, I decided, they haven't ever kissed each other.

Elijah finally stops the car at in inlet on the side of the road and after a while I realize that this is a place that teenagers park their cars and make out. That is not our intent, of course, so we get out of the car and Elijah locks it and we start toward the trees.

Now we are walking, Elijah on my left and Orlando on my right, and I can't help but feel their hands brush against mine as we walk. The moon is full so flash lights aren't necessary, because the forest is open and the trees far and few between. I figure they will probably all be gone soon to make room for a nice mall or something that brings more chaos to Los Angeles.

Suddenly Elijah grabs my hand and yanks me to the left, so on natural instinct I grab Orlando along as well. Elijah tugs us behind a big tree and begins looking cautiously around the side of it. Soon we hear footsteps and two young people come into view, walking back toward the road. They are holding hands and speaking softly and their clothes are jumbled around their bodies giving us a clear idea of what they had been doing. I feel my cheeks flush pink when I think of what people would think of us being here this late.

Once they are out of sight, I turn to look at Elijah and he smiles at me and I realize that he's still holding my hand. I'm still holding Orlando's hand as well and we all look back and forth at each other and drop hands awkwardly.

"Well, ready to start?" Elijah asks looking at me. I wonder why he has that glint in his eyes, but I don't say anything about it and instead reply with, "Sure, who's the cop?"

Orlando pipes up and says he'll be the cop first, so we have to find a home base. This proves a bit difficult because all the trees look the same and there is no way to remember which one is base.

Elijah and I are quick thinkers though, so he begins to pile sticks up at our big tree and I find a Styrofoam cup to put on the top of the stick pile. Now we had a home base and we could find it easily.

Orlando turns to the tree and begins counting to 100 and Elijah and I begin our search for a good hiding place. They are all the same, however, because all there is is trees to hide behind. Once Elijah has his tree and I hear Orlando say 100 I decide to pick a tree not far from Elijah's and we both sit in silence.

I can see Elijah's face in the moonlight; he looks beautiful to say the least. He's always been beautiful; I noticed that the first time I saw him. He's fair, but not too fair as to make him feminine, just fair in the skin to make him seem fragile. I think I loved him right when he first said hi to me.

Orlando is now rustling around through trees to find us. I stand up to lean against the tree so that he can't see me. Elijah follows suit and now I know he has been looking at me. I think about this only for a few seconds because someone grabs my shoulder from behind, jerks me back and says, "I caught you, robber." I turn to face Orli and he smiles wide and I can't help but smile back.

Elijah takes this moment to run toward the jailhouse so Orlando is running off after him and I'm left behind. I don't mind really because I get to see the whole scene play out in front of me. First Orlando grabs Elijah's waist which throws him off balance and he tumbles to the ground making Orlando tumble down on top of him.

They start wrestling and rolling around and by time I get there, they aren't wrestling anymore. Orlando has his weight on Elijah and Elijah has his hand on Orlando's cheek and I can't help but stare as they stare at each other. Nothing happens though. Orlando kissed Elijah's forehead and pushed himself off the top of him and says that it's Elijah's turn to be cop because Orli caught him last.

Now I don't remember the game going that way, but I see no reason to object to it, so Elijah walks the rest of the way to base and starts to count while Orlando and I go hide in opposite directions.

I sit down this time, my back against the tree and legs spread out in a V, and wait. Elijah says something that sounds like "you rap-scallions," though I'm not sure that's what he said because he normally wouldn't say something like that. Then again, I normally wouldn't go to the middle of a forest to play a childhood game with a couple of 20-something year olds. So I guess that didn't really matter anymore.

This time my being caught isn't even a game. Elijah comes up behind me and I hear him, but I don't move. Instead of grabbing me, he sits down in between my legs, Indian style, and stares at me.

Elijah always had the most beautiful eyes. I think that's why I love to look at them all the time. They are blue like the ocean when it's late and the moon is full and it glistens on the top of the surf.

"You have beautiful eyes, Dom," he says to me and I find myself blushing because I think he was reading my mind and he knows that his are prettier anyway.

"Not as beautiful as yours," I reply out of habit. I never take compliments well. It was always just easier to deny them than try and find a way to say thank you.

Instead of arguing with me, though, Elijah puts his hand on my cheek and leans forward and kisses me. I stay still for a while from the mere shock of the action, but after a while I begin to slide my tongue over his lips and pull him closer with both hands on his waist.

This, of course, ends up awkward because he falls forward when I pull him closer and he ends up with his face in my thigh and that's never good so I quickly help him up into a sitting position again.

This time when he looks at me his eyes are filling with tears. I pull him into a hug and he whispers "sorry" in my ear and I tell him "don't be, it's fine" and he starts to cry anyway.

Orlando finds us this way and decides to join us and hugs us both from behind Elijah. Once Elijah stops crying and ends up laughing at the entire situation, we all get up and go back to the jail house so that I can start counting.

Once I counted to 100 I said "I'm done counting" stupidly and started walking. I found Orlando first, sitting Indian style, his back against a tree, with his head in his hands which were in his lap. I got scared for a moment, thinking he was crying as well, so I sat in front of him and lifted his head up with both hands to find his eyes dry and sad.

"I think I like Elijah," he says and then pulls me into a hug and I fall awkwardly into his lap but I don't mind because he needs me.

Well I didn't mind, up until I lean back and look into his deep, chocolate eyes and he leans forward and kisses me and now I wish I wasn't half way in his lap anymore. I return the kiss even though I'm confused as to why he's kissing me and professing his love for Elijah at the same time.

I decide not to read into it though as we hear some rustling and Elijah walks up beside us and we both look at him with guilty eyes. He smiles a genuine smile (gap in teeth and all) and we see that he isn't angry at us and he helps us up and says that we can start with Orlando again.

This time after 10 minutes of hiding I know that I'm not going to be found this round so I go off in search of the other two as they had both done. I find them in the same position Elijah found Orlando and myself and I just clear my throat to make my presence known.

I realize, when I help Orlando up, that I love him too. I knew I loved Elijah since long before this, but I know see that I love Orlando in the same way. Which boggles my mind to say the least, but I figure I shouldn't read too much into it since the others feel the same and don't seem to mind.

We play about five more games before we decide it's time to get back to Elijah's house and we go back to the car and I get the passenger seat this time.

Sometime during the ride home Elijah puts his hand over mine on my knee and I smile up at him despite how awkward I seemed to feel.

The awkwardness faded quickly though, because now that I find myself on the right of Elijah and Orlando on his left, all of us lying on some blankets on the floor in front of the TV, watching a movie that we weren't really watching at all.

When Elijah turns and starts kissing Orlando it really didn't bother me at all, because in a few minutes he was turning toward me and kissing my mouth fully.

I realize that we were actually doing what I was afraid someone would think that we were doing in the forest, but now I realize that I could care less. I love them both and they love me (I know this now, because they told me) and that's all that really matters in life, isn't it?


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