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burntotears' fandom haven
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I've been writing fanfiction ever since I started reading it, which was when I was about twelve or thirteen years old—that's about fourteen years now. In those early days, I would sign onto AOL, wait for the dial up song to complete and I would sit back comfortably and start another wonderful *nsync story. My first fandom and my first writing foray was, in fact, *nsync. Back then I did not know anything about slash or what it even meant and I was completely content in reading different het stories with random female leads that writers had concocted and of course I had to write my own (huge mary sues to the millionth degree, of course). My discovery of slash was a complete accident as I was perusing the stories of one of my favorite het author who apparently wrote slash stories too. The story itself was so vague about the whole situation that when I finished it I was staring at the screen asking "did she just say that Joey liked JC?" This question piqued my curiosity and I began searching for more of these surreal stories in which boys were kissing each other and eventually, I was hooked like the rest of you. I was not only reading slash now but writing it too.

My fandoms grew and changed and I moved with them, writing fanfiction when my interest was spurred; I believe my next influential fandom after the boyband was Harry Potter. This book has so many slash innuendoes its like a gay pride parade through the hills of Scotland. I suppose my mind had since been wired for slash, but in truth I never have written any piece of fiction with slash in it that I did not truly see any potential for. That is probably one of my biggest pet peeves of all in the fanfiction world—slash for the sake of slash. Don't get me wrong, I love boys kissing just like the next girl, but I never have been a gal who likes smut just to have smut. Don't worry, I don't judge anyone who does write it because I like to read it, but generally you won't see me write something just to have smutty scenes between characters—my work always has to have some sort of plot to it or I do not feel as though I've accomplished anything as a writer. While I am a huge slasher and I'll never deny anyone of the joy that is slash, I do not indulge in these pairings just because it means boy kissing will commence. All of my ships have a compelling connection or a very formidable disconnect that makes for maximum fluff, angst and laughter. So even though I do have many slash ships, I enjoy many het pairings as well and I write them with just as much enjoyment as my slash.

I hope that you find something in my collection that you might and enjoy and please do not hesitate to leave comments because your feedback is what makes writing fanfiction fun!

amber tamblyn, amy adams, anne hathaway, bradley james, charlie hunnam, colin morgan, dylan o'brien, emile hirsch, emma stone, heath ledger, jake gyllenhaal, jensen ackles, jim sturgess, justin chatwin, kristen bell, meryl streep, nicholas cage, parminder nagra, patrick fugit, rupert grint, ryan gosling, sandra bullock, seth green, simon pegg, taylor lautner, tom felton, tyler hoechlin, zooey deschanel.

after school nightmare, chobits, clannad, death note, desert punk, fullmetal alchemist, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, fruits basket, grave of the fireflies, haibane renmei, howl's moving castle, kiki's delivery service, kino's journey, last exile, let dai, nausicaa of the valley of the wind, ouran high school host club, ponyo, princess mononoke, scrapped princess, skip beat!, spirited away, vampire knight, vampire knight guilty, wolf's rain, yu yu hakusho.

a song of ice and fire, beka cooper, books of ember, chronicles of narnia, georgia nicolson, harry potter, his dark materials, inheritance saga, lord of the rings, percy jackson, sisterhood of the traveling pants, twilight saga.

assassin's creed, castle crashers, crash bandicoot (naughty dog), dance dance revolution, deus ex: human revolution, dragon age, fable, fallout, final fantasy, kingdom hearts, la noire, lego harry potter, mario, mass effect, okami, portal, red dead redemption, skyrim, spyro (insomniac), viva pinata, world of warcraft, zelda.

brokeback mountain, brothers grimm, fly away home, four brothers, gone in 60 seconds, the goonies, green street hooligans, the italian job, harry potter, the little princess, lord of the rings, mortal kombat, murder by numbers, nana, national treasure, newsies, october sky, the princess bride, saved, secondhand lions, slc punk, son in law, the sound of music, stigmata, tada kimi wo aishiteru, to wong foo.

alcatraz, america's next top model, battlestar gallactica, castle, dead like me, doctor who, eureka, the fades, firefly, glee, inbetweeners, it crowd, jeremiah, legend of the seeker, merlin, misfits, mythbusters, new girl, nikita, once upon a time, project runway, psych, revenge, skins, sons of anarchy, south park, teen wolf, torchwood, veronica mars, warehouse 13.

Assassin's Creed: Ezio/Leonardo, Shaun/Desmond; Doctor Who: Ten/Rose, Eleven/Amy; Entourage: Eric/Vince; Firefly: Inara/Mal, Inara/Kaylee, Kaylee/Simon; Glee: Puck/Rachel; Harry Potter: Harry/Draco, Sirius/Remus; Legend of the Seeker: Kahlan/Cara; Merlin: Merlin/Arthur; Supernatural: Dean/Castiel; Teen Wolf: Derek/Stiles, Isaac/Stiles, Jackson/Danny.